Alternatives to Buttock Lift Surgery

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Invasive treatment does not suit everyone, or you may wish to try all of the possible treatments available before you attempt to undergo a treatment such as buttock lift surgery. There are a number of alternatives on the market.

Creams & topical treatments

There are a number of alternatives to the invasive surgical option. Many high-street topical creams claim to have toning and tightening properties, but the effects are not scientifically proven. Some users of these creams claim to feel their skin seems tighter and smoother.  Sometimes cosmetic surgeries can offer topical treatments such as a chemical peel, which can improve the overall appearance of the skin. None of these treatments remove loose, wrinkled or sagging skin however.

The natural alternative

Diet and exercise will also compliment any treatment you might have and help to retain all of the positive effects that you achieve through surgery – but you ought to follow your surgeon’s advice carefully regarding when and how much activity you can attempt after you have undergone your buttock lift.

Dermal fillers as an Alternative to a Buttock Lift

You may not be accepted for a serious procedure such as buttock lift surgery if your consultant feels your body couldn’t take the strain of an invasive treatment. In this case, or if you feel you would like to try something less invasive and less permanent, you could consider dermal filler such as Macrolane, which is administered through a series of small injections with an ultra-fine needle. Dermal filler is usually a hyaluronic acid based product which encourages the natural healing processes of the body, which are based around similar sugar acids, to produce water and this firms and smoothes the skin. Some products, such as Macrolane can also be used to sculpt the contours of the body to a more pleasing shape, without the need for invasive surgery. Unlike buttock lift surgery the procedure is not designed to be permanent, and will need to be renewed once a year to keep the positive effects.

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