Risks of Buttock Lift Surgery

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As with any extensive surgery you must be aware of the risks before you undertake the procedure. With buttock lift surgery the risks include:

  • Scarring
  •  Infection (both of the incisions and blood infection)
  •  Unsatisfactory final results
  • A build up of fluid under the skin during the healing process.

Although these complications are very rare, and your surgeon will do everything in their power to prevent them, they do still occur. A small amount of scarring is one of the most common negative side effects, but this is minimal and still quite rare. Also often these scars will fade with time, and the final overall appearance will compensate for any discomfort or slight scarring you may incur. As the operation does centre around the buttocks and rectal area there is a chance of infection if proper hygiene recommendations are not strictly followed.

How to minimize the risks

Your consultant ought to give you some advice to prevent bacteria finding their way into the incisions during the healing process, and it is very important to follow these instructions with due diligence and care. The other risk you ought to be aware of is that of an adverse reaction to the general anaesthetic. Being put under general anaesthetic always carries a slight risk, as well as any invasive procedure. You ought to discuss all of the possible risks with your consultant before you agree to undergo any procedure and they also ought to discuss any concerns you may have about the procedure.

Finding a good cosmetic surgeon

If you are concerned about finding a good clinic and surgeon you can start by carefully researching the practice so that you receive the best possible care. The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons’ have an excellent website in which you can check if your surgeon and clinic are members. This organisation ensures all its members are registered with the General Medical Council, who test both the skill and hygiene of the surgeon as well as ensuring they have all the necessary qualifications. It also forces them to follow a system of regular testing and check-ups on their skill levels.

If you experience any adverse effects, such as : shortness of breath; sudden increase of pain; signs of infection; tearing or pulling out of any stitches; extensive bleeding or weeping from the incisions – you ought to contact your general practioner or physician immediately.

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