Receiving the best Results from Buttock Lift Surgery

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By far the most important things to remember to do to achieve the best results and avoid the risks are to carefully follow the instructions of your consultant and ensuring you take of all your prescribed medicines. You should discuss your after-care with your consultant thoroughly so that you can be prepared for your buttock lift surgery.

Things to avoid

Apart from thoroughly researching your practice and following all of the medical advice given to you by your surgeon or consultant, there are some things you should make sure you do before and after surgery:

  • do not eat or drink for twenty four hours before surgery
  • keep the treated area clean, but avoid submerging in water (i.e. baths; swimming pools; Jacuzzis)
  • avoid lifting or carrying of any kind for several weeks
  • avoid putting any lotions on open wounds or on the treated area until you are certain it has fully healed
  • avoid vigorous activities for a couple of weeks after surgery
  • take all of the prescribed medicines given to you by your consultant
  • tight clothes

Preparing in advance

It is important to make life as easy and comfortable as possible for you after your buttock lift surgery, as the area operated on will make some everyday activities quite difficult. If you live alone it is even more important to be prepared, and you ought to contact someone to let them know you will be recovering from surgery in case you need someone. You can prepare by thinking ahead:

  • cushioning your house to avoid prolonged contact with hard surfaces
  • buying in frozen or ready meals
  • bringing necessary items down from high locations
  • taking the recommended amount of time for recovery off of work; wear loose and non-confining clothing; get plenty of sleep
  • drinking a good amount of water
  • Placing the phone within easy reach
  • Keeping plenty of blankets close by, as you make experience post-surgery chills

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