Dermal fillers in Buttock Lift Surgery

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Buttock lift surgery is often considered an excellent and effective way of treating the sagging and loss of tone that can be brought on by extreme weight loss or age. However the procedure only treats the appearance of the skin, giving you a tighter and smoother overall area. Your cosmetic practioner may offer you some extra treatments to further enhance the final appearance of the area.

What are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are typically used to treat the appearance of skin, also, but certain products such as Macrolane are also used for the creation of more pleasing contours and building volume within the area it is applied to.

How dermal fillers work

Dermal filler is usually a hyaluronic acid based product, which stimulates the natural sugar acids found within your body in order to increase the amount of water held in the area which adds both volume and tension to the skin that it is applied to.

How are they administered?

Macrolane is often injected deep into tissue to build up the ideal contours of your body, and is very popularly used on the buttocks area. Unlike a buttock lift procedure however the effects only last around a year or so, after which you will need to schedule a repeat treatment to retain the look.

Dermal fillers & buttock lift surgery

If you wish to have this treatment to compliment your buttock lift surgery it is worth considering the extra complications this involves, but also remember that the more work you put into achieving your ideal body the more satisfied you are likely to be with the final results. Your cosmetic surgeon ought to discuss all of the available treatments to accompany your buttock lift surgery so that you can tailor the treatment around the look you wish to achieve.

Risks of dermal fillers

Your consultant also ought to go through any possible risks associated with any procedure you undergo before you agree to undertake any surgical procedure as well the extra cost of these additional procedures. Some brands of dermal filler can form small spheres or lumps under the skin, and often require you to massage the treated area firmly after application to prevent this from happening. As the injection of dermal filler is a non-invasive treatment it might be an alternative if you fall under the high-risk category of patients who should not be placed under general anaesthetic.

Costs of dermal filler

In general a treatment with Macrolane in the buttocks area starts from around £2000 per treatment, and your consultant will probably recommend two course of treatment. The product also needs to be administered once a year if you wish to keep the beneficial effects, so you ought to factor in that this will be an annual monetary commitment.

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