What to expect before & during Buttock Lift Surgery

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It’s very important to feel totally confident and comfortable both with your clinic and surgeon, as well as being knowledgeable about the procedure you are about to undergo when you decide to have your buttock lift surgery. As well as researching the procedure online you can discuss it with your general practioner and consultant plastic surgeon. If you are aware of the process you can plan in advance and the risks and complications will be much easier to deal with.

The consultation

In general you will receive a consultation in which you will discuss all of your options during surgery, including any additional treatments you might require. After discussing all of the potential benefits and risks of the procedure you will have a date for your surgery scheduled. As the procedure is quite extensive it is usually conducted under general anaesthetic, but you will usually be allowed to return home immediately after surgery.  The surgical procedure for buttock lift surgery depends on the individual surgeon or clinic in which you receive the procedure, as well as: the amount of work you require; the amount of fat you have; the extent of the skin your surgeon feels need to be lifted; your general overall health; your current body shape and the one you are hoping to reach. The surgery should only be performed by a registered cosmetic surgeon and their team as it is a fairly invasive and complex procedure.

The Buttock Lift Treatment

The surgeon will often begin the buttock lift surgery by making a series of small incisions around the buttocks and the tops of the thighs. Excess skin and fat are then carefully trimmed away and the surgeon will pull the skin to its new position, over your muscle and fat reserves. The surgeon will carefully ensure that fluid does not accumulate in the area, and will arrange the skin in its new position so that this does not happen during the healing process either. Once the skin has been moved to the optimum position and any other procedures have been undertaken, you will be sutured up and the skin is pulled taught and will be stitched in its new place. The surgeon will finally clean the area and apply sterile gauze dressing to ensure that the area remains protected and sanitary, and this dressing ought to be changed to guarantee a good recovery free from infection.  You might also find that a compression garment over the area, which is a tight, elastic girdle designed to put pressure on the operated area to ensure that the skin stays in place as well as reducing swelling and helping the skin retain its firmness after the surgery.

After surgery

As long as the surgery has not suffered any complications you should be released from your clinic once you have woken up from the general anaesthetic. The recovery period lasts roughly four weeks for most patients, and you ought to schedule a follow-up consultancy with your physician during this period to ensure that you have received the best possible care and that your body is responding well to the surgical procedure. If you are interested or concerned by the surgical process, ask your consultant to go through with you exactly what they will be doing while you are under general anaesthetic and what you can expect when you wake up.

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