Who is a Suitable Candidate for Buttock Lift Surgery?

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Buttock lift surgery is designed to give the skin around your buttocks a smoother and more toned appearance, and this can sometimes extend down to the tops of your thighs.

The ideal candidate for buttock lift surgery

If you suffer from: loss of elasticity in the skin around the buttock or thigh area; dimpled or wrinkled skin due to cellulite or lack of exercise; wrinkled or slack skin due to age; extreme weights loss; or hormonal changes, you might be an ideal candidate for this cosmetic procedure. You might also consider this surgery if you have uneven or misshapen buttocks, or slack skin around your thighs. Buttock lift surgery might also benefit those who have scarring around the buttocks area, or have sustained some other injury to the skin in the area, as the tightening process can be used to improve the appearance of this defect.

Who might not be suitable for buttock lift surgery

If you are a heavy smoker this might reduce your suitability for this procedure as it increases risks during surgery as well as during the recovery period, and your cosmetic practioner or consultant might ask you to significantly cut down or stop before accepting you as a patient. Major cosmetic surgery is also not recommended if you are pregnant or have hypertension. If you are aware that you have an adverse reaction if you are put under general anaesthetic, or for any reason your general practioner has recommended you do not go under general anaesthetic then this procedure may not be suitable for you either. The best course of action is to research a local clinic carefully and book a consultation – your surgeon ought to be able to discuss all your options with you, and should be able to assess if you are a good candidate for the procedure, as well as designing the treatment around the look you wish to achieve.

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