Cost of Buttock Lift Surgery

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Costs of surgery vary quite considerable with his procedure due to the extent of work you might require; any complications the surgeon might incur; any extras you may wish to have performed (implants; liposuction; dermal fillers etc). In order to receive the best level of care and the best price you ought to research your local clinics carefully, and compare their prices and treatments.

Surgery abroad

More and more often British people are becoming what is commonly referred to as ‘cosmetic surgery tourists’ – this means that they go abroad for major cosmetic surgery, often combining the process with a luxury holiday in an exotic location such as South America or South Asia. The prices of overseas clinics for procedures such as this can be up to half the price you might pay in a British cosmetic surgery. It is very important, however, to be aware that overseas treatments might appear temptingly cheap but this is often because they are subject to much less regulation and have lower levels of precautions in place if something does go wrong.

General prices

A buttocks implant on its own costs from around £7,000 and dermal filler £2000 per treatment (and cosmetic practioners usually recommend at least course of treatment), and liposuction varies greatly depending on the extent required – but conducting these treatments at the same time as your buttock lift surgery may reduced the overall cost.

Paying for your treatment

There is a cost to purely cosmetic procedures such as buttock lift surgery, as they are not available on the NHS. Financing them is something you must consider before you agree to undergo any treatment. It can be tempting to accept payment plans designed at the cosmetic surgery where you are undergoing treatment but read any agreement carefully and consider accessing finance through a loan or savings account from your regular bank or building society. There are many price comparison websites and financial advice websites that can give you advice over which loan will be the best option for you, if you have to borrow money to complete your procedure.

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