Asian Canthoplasty

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Canthoplasty is a particularly popular surgery in the Asian community and although it does have the same name as Canthoplasty, the procedure does differ and produce different results. The style of Asian eyes depends to be that of shallow eyelids and the folds can be single or double. This can give the eyes a tired and sleepy appearance or make them seem more aggressive. Therefore, a number of Asian patients opt for the surgery to change the appearance of their eyes to make them more open.

How is the procedure performed?

Asian Canthoplasty differs to Canthoplasty because the eyelids are cut differently. In Canthoplasty, there is an incision at the junction between the eyelids and the tendon under the lid is cut and moved. In Asian Canthoplasty, the lid is cut horizontally, the entire way around from the corner so that the eyes can appear more open. This procedure is effective in opening the eyes so that they seem larger but it can also weaken the tendon under the eye so the lid may droop over time. This form of Canthoplasty is often described as a Canthotomy because it makes an incision into the canthus.

What are the results of Asian Canthoplasty?

The surgery aims to widen the eyelid so that the opening becomes bigger and more of the eyes are on display. This reduces the appearance of tired eyes and stops the narrowing of the eyes. The procedure is performed on patients that have very narrow lids or a close lateral canthus. The surgery has the same recovery time to that of a Canthoplasty and the results will be shown within six weeks of the surgery. There will be swelling and bruising but this should subside a few days after the surgery and the pain should be minimal.

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