Cost of Canthoplasty

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The cost of Canthoplasty does vary depending on what surgeon you visit. You will have to have the surgery done privately and you will need to cover the full cost of the surgery. The price will depend both on the patient and the surgeon themselves.

It depends how much work needs to be done and the standing of the surgeon. Usually Canthoplasty will cost around £2000. This will cover the anesthetics, the surgeon’s time and the surgery itself. If you are combining Canthoplasty with another surgery such as a face-lift or a brow lift, the surgery will be considerably more. You will also have to pay for the consultation.

Travel costs

You should also take into account travel expenses because if you cannot find a good surgeon in your local area, you may need to travel around the UK to find someone suitable. This may mean that you will have to stop overnight and you will need to pay for accommodation. Remember, you need to give yourself enough recovery and travel time so this may mean you will be off work for a longer period.

If the surgery goes wrong or there are complications, you may need another procedure to correct it and this will also be costly. This will depend on whether the result was the fault of the surgeon or whether you are simply unhappy with the outcome.

Canthoplasty under the NHS

Unfortunately, the NHS does not provide funding for Canthoplasty. The NHS will not pay for any cosmetic surgery unless you can prove that there is a physical and mental discomfort that needs to be corrected. There needs to be a genuine medical reason for the surgery so if you are having the surgery to improve the appearance of your eyes, you will have to pay privately to have the operation. It is very rare that the NHS will fund this type of surgery.

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