Canthoplasty Side Effects

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Side effects are rare during this form of cosmetic surgery. In fact, Canthoplasty is carried out in conjunction with Blepharoplasty to stop there being any complications. However, there are some side effects to the surgery because you are changing the internal muscle under the eyelid.

The eyes will usually become swollen and bruised. The area is often tender to touch so you may need to use pain medication to control the discomfort. This does not last long and with the help of cool pads, it should disappear within two days. Your eyes may also be quite dry or extremely watery. You can get eye drops to help with the dry eye, as this can be very irritable. You may need to also apply antibiotic cream to keep the area clean and reduce the chance of having an infection.

Side effects from anesthesia

You may also experience side effects from the anesthetic or sedative. Sedatives are meant to make you drowsy and this may take a while to wear off after the operation. They can also make you feel a little bit disorientated. However, you will be completely calm as they have a relaxing effect. You may feel nauseous or vomit from the anesthetic or sedative and when the effects of the drugs are wearing off, you may feel shivery. Most of the side effects mentioned above are temporary and should subside relatively quickly. However, if they do not do so, you may need to contact your doctor.

Rare side effects

There are a number of rare side effects that should be reported to your surgeon immediately. If you notice that the level of pain in your eyes has suddenly increased, tell your surgeon. You should also seek help if your eyes start to bleed or you think that they are becoming infected. Seek medical attention immediately if you notice shortness of breath, chest pains or your heartbeats become irregular.

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