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An important aspect of your surgery is choosing the correct surgeon. Canthoplasty is not carried out under the NHS but there are a variety of surgeons across the UK that will carry out the surgery. You will need to find the best surgeon for the job that has the right qualifications in order to have a successful outcome.

Make sure that you do your research into the surgeons you are looking at.  You are planning to have surgery on your face so you want the surgeon to be skilled and to create the right appearance for you.  Your local GP can give you some advice on the surgeons in the area and research their credibility.  You need a surgeon that is board certified so when you have a consultation with your chosen surgeon, ask to see their credentials. Do not be embarrassed to do so as any surgeon will be happy to show you that they have the correct qualifications for the job.

During your decision, factor in travel costs and expenses. It may be that the surgeon you want does not work in your area of the country and you may need to travel for your operation. It is best if you can find a local surgeon but sometimes this is not a possibility. When you have found your surgeon, you will go to a consultation with them in which you can ask as many questions as you like. Ask to see before and after photos, as this will give you an idea of what you can expect and also a chance to check out the surgeons handy-work.  Make sure you are 100% sure about the surgeon you have chosen before you agree to continue with the surgery. Remember, it is difficult and costly to change the results of the surgery if you are not happy with them.

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