Can you Combine Canthoplasty With Other Surgeries?

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Canthoplasty can be performed with or without other surgeries. In a number of cases, a Canthoplasty is used to support another surgery or in conjunction with one so that you do not have to have more than one surgery.  If you have another surgery at the same time as Canthoplasty, your recovery time will be longer and you will have more swelling and bruising because more than one area is being operated on.


You can combine a Canthoplasty with blepharoplasty because they are similar surgeries. Blepharoplasty is surgery on any part of the eyelids and it is carried out to make the eyelids look younger and healthier. During the process, the eyelids are cut and excess skin, fat and muscle are removed to stop the eyelids from drooping and make them tighter. Often, a Canthoplasty is carried out at the same time to make the eyelids tighter and to reduce the chance of complications during the surgery. The surgery time is extended and your eyes will be more swollen after this procedure.

Ptsosis surgery

You can also have Ptsosis surgery at the same time as having a Canthoplasty. Pstosis surgery corrects the drooping of the upper eyelid. There is a muscle that is called the Levator muscle and in some cases it is too weak so the upper eyelid droops and obstructs vision. The surgery will make the muscle tighter so that it can lift the eyelid up easier. If both surgeries are needed, it is a good idea to have them at the same time because it means that you don’t have to endure two operations and you can recover quicker.

Brow lift

A brow lift is also a popular cosmetic surgery that is carried out in conjunction with Canthoplasty. The Canthoplasty will tighten the lower eyelid so there is no sagging but if you have a brow lift at the same time, you can get a tighter forehead and area around the brows so that you get a younger appearance. Incisions are made in the hairline and the skin is pulled tauter over the forehead.


The final surgery that is usually carried out alongside Canthoplasty is a face-lift. This is biggest of the procedures mentioned and will change the appearance the most. During this surgery, the incisions are made in the hairline so that all of the skin can be pulled taut across the face and any excess skin and fat are removed. A face-lift and a Canthoplasty can create a younger wrinkle-free appearance but the recovery time is much longer, it is a more drastic change and it will cost a lot more.

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