Healing After Canthoplasty

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Canthoplasty is performed on a very small area of the body and therefore the healing time for the surgery is relatively short. Most people find that they can see the results of the surgery six weeks after the procedure and do not have trouble returning to work a few days after the operation.

What can I expect after the surgery?

Your eyes will be slightly swollen and bruised but this is temporary and will subside after a few days. If you have had stitches that need to be taken out, this will be carried out two to seven days after the surgery. You should be able to see clearly and you should be able to return to work two days after the operation. As the surgery is performed under local anesthetic, there is a very small recovery time from the anesthetic so you should be able to go home two hours after the surgery and you won’t have to stay overnight.

What can prolong the recovery period?

Any complications can set back the recovery period. This time frame is usually short and you will be back to your daily routine in no time, provided there are no complications. For instance, the healing process will be set back if you get an infection because your eyes will be sore and you will have to use antibiotic ointment to treat the infection. Also if you have complications such as blood clots behind your eyes or the surgery does not go as planned, you will have to have more surgery in order to correct the problem. This will mean that you will have a longer recovery process.

What can I do to speed up the healing process?

Make sure that you follow any aftercare instructions that your doctor has given you. Rest after your surgery and keep your head elevated as much as possible. Take any eye drops needed to combat dry eye and refrain from certain activities such as bending or anything that will strain your eyes such as reading or watching television. Do not play contact sports until your eyes are fully healed. You can also apply a cold compress to the area to bring the swelling down.

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