Treating Ectropion with Canthoplasty

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Ectropion is a condition that can be helped by having a Canthoplasty. The condition usually occurs with age and it is defined as the turning outwards of the lower eyelid.  Overtime, the muscle beneath the eye becomes looser and loses elasticity, which can cause the eyelid to droop and turn outwards. This exposes the lower eyelid, which can become irritated and red.  It can also cause dry eye because your lids do not come together properly and if the drooping lid pulls your tear duct down, you may have a watery eye, as they will overflow onto your face.

The condition has a range of severity from mild to severe and it depends on how much it affects you as to whether you opt for surgical treatment. Ectropion is not just caused by age but can also be caused by paralysis or injury to the facial nerves. Sometimes burns to the face can also cause this condition. It mainly occurs on the lower eyelid. Tumours can also cause your eye to droop down and in very rare incidences, the condition can be something that you are born with.

How can Canthoplasty treat Ectropion?

Ectropion can be treated with Canthoplasty. The surgery can tighten the tendon that has become slackened under the eye and provide more support for the eyelid. This will lift the eyelid so that it has more support and stop it from gaping. This will help the eye as it protects the ocular surface and gives the eye support. Canthoplasty is an effective treatment for Ectropion but it does not always necessarily work. However, it can change the appearance of the eyes and most patients are happy with the results of the surgery. Canthoplasty is not the only treatment for Ectropion but it is one of the most successful surgical treatments for the condition.

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