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Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) Abroad

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Having surgery abroad has become a popular way for people to get affordable cosmetic surgery.  There are some decisions that you need to make such as:

  • Where to have the surgery
  • How long you are prepared to travel
  • Credentials and training of overseas surgeons

Cost of a Tummy Tuck Abroad

Having any form of cosmetic surgery abroad is a lot cheaper than within the UK.  You can get some very big savings, saving as much as 78% in comparison with prices within the UK.  Brazil is one of the cheapest places, with costs of £1100, other places within Europe are a bit more expensive, although the cost of travelling to these countries will be cheaper.  Abdominoplasty in Hungary is about £2500.  There are serious savings to be made if you are willing to have the surgery abroad and as long as you are willing to travel. 

Considerations for Tummy Tuck Abroad

When having surgery abroad there are some serious considerations that you need to think about.  Surgery abroad will involve travel, and this can escalate costs.  Often places will offer a form of package deal, including accommodation and travel, in one lump sum.   Recently these sorts of deals have become more and more popular, with many places offering lower and lower prices in order to compete with other, possibly cheaper, countries.  Having surgery abroad might look like a very good deal on the surface however, you need to do your research.  Surgeons abroad will need different qualifications in order to perform this surgery, and you need to make sure that your surgeon is properly qualified and affiliated to the appropriate groups.  Always check the credentials of the clinic, and make sure that you are fully satisfied with your initial consultation. 

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