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Long-Term effects of Tummy Tucks (Abdominoplasty)

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Tummy Tuck & quick solutions for Weight Problems

Abdominoplasty is not a substitute for traditional weight loss techniques, and won’t produce long-term effects if you don’t change your lifestyle.  If you are prepared to change the way you live to accommodate your surgery and keep the effects then a tummy tuck can help to firm and flatten your stomach and will help you to keep this result and maintain your body shape.   Your surgeon will discuss your expectations with you and inform you of what you can realistically expects from a tummy tuck.  Abdominoplasty is not a quick solution, and is not a weight loss operation.  In order to look healthy it is necessary to keep your body in proportion, merely having a tummy tuck will not completely transform your body.

Preventing weight gain after a Tummy Tuck

A new exercise and lifestyle plan will be discussed with you before and after your surgery to ensure that you are properly informed on how to keep your stomach flat and the shape you want. This will not only prolong the effects of your surgery but also help to tone your muscles, allowing you to heal faster.  In order to maintain your stomach after surgery, diet and exercise is the only way to ensure you will continue to be satisfied with the results.  Your surgery is a compliment to weight loss rather than a means to lose weight and this needs to be remembered both before and after you have surgery.

How long Tummy Tuck results last

How long your stomach will remain toned and flat very much depends on how much effort you put into your subsequent diet and exercise routine.  A tummy tuck is not a permanent solution to your stomach problems and won’t ensure that you have a slim, toned stomach forever.  You can regain weight along your abdomen, and muscles won’t be toned unless they are worked.  You need to change your lifestyle in order to maintain your physique.  Sometimes people might need another tummy tuck in order to compliment their surgery if they are not following a healthy lifestyle.

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