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Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) after Weight Loss

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Tummy tucks are most common for people who have experienced extreme weight loss over a short period of time.  They can be very effective as often the skin, once stretched so far, loses its elasticity and can’t reform over the smaller stomach.  A tummy tuck can remove this excess skin, allowing you to not have the embarrassment of any hanging skin.  It can also help to tighten up your abdominal muscles and remove any stubborn pockets of fat that might be there. 

Tummy Tuck & Weight Loss

Abdominoplasty should not be thought of as a weight loss tool.  It can help to remove stubborn fat or excess skin but if you don’t follow a good diet and exercise regime after surgery weight will be gained quickly and the surgery can be reversed.  What a tummy tuck can help with is aiding those who have already lost weight.  Sometimes skin doesn’t reform when you lose a lot of weight quickly, and then there may be an excess of hanging folds of skin that you can’t get rid of.  A tummy tuck can quickly rectify this problem, removing any excess so that the stomach appears tighter and more toned.

Abdominoplasty Surgery after Weight Loss

You will be placed under a general anaesthetic to ensure complete muscle relaxation.  This helps your surgeon to complete your surgery quickly and effectively, without the worry of muscle spasms.  The incisions are made around your naval and from hip bone to hip bone, with the skin being pulled down and the naval repositioned.  Any excess skin is removed, and then the skin is stitched together around the groin area.  You can discuss the procedure with your surgeon and work out what is the best thing to do for you.  Sometimes muscles can be sutured together or liposuction can be used to reduce any extra fat pockets in order to make your stomach appear more toned.  This can be discussed with your surgeon before you have your tummy tuck.  The scars are kept as minimal as possible, although the incisions do have to be made and are quite large.  They will be placed in the most discreet places possible, such as below where your underwear lies.  A full recovery from a tummy tuck can take up to three months, and you must consider this if you are hoping for fast effects, although normally some difference can be seen once the swelling has reduced, about two weeks after the surgery.

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