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Alternatives to Abdominoplasty Surgery

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There are other alternatives to having a tummy tuck that might suit you better than surgery.  If the idea of having a tummy tuck is worrying you or you haven’t got enough money for one then there are other routes to go down.

Exercise as an alternative to Abdominoplasty

Good exercise is crucial to a healthy lifestyle and can seriously contribute to your overall appearance and stomach.  There are exercises, such as ‘the crunch’ and ‘the plank’ that are crafted to aid the tightening of stomach muscles and can, if performed over time, produce a tight, toned stomach.  You can get information on these exercises online or at your gym.  These exercises can seriously affect your health and well-being, leading to a greater overall sense of well-being. 

Liposuction as an alternative to Abdominoplasty

With a liposuction procedure very small incisions are made and fat is extracted using s very small, string vacuum.  This can be performed using either a local or a general anaesthetic and isn’t just confined to the abdomen.  You can incorporate the hips and other areas while undergoing this procedure.  You will be left with much smaller scars, and it being less invasive will also result in a faster recovery time and less pain.  However, it does still carry risk of infection and should be treated as alike to surgery.  Also, liposuction cannot get rid of excess skin, and cannot tighten the abdominal muscles.  This means that there will be less of an effect in helping you to tone up, and can merely help in fat removal. 

Mechanical toners as an alternative to Abdominoplasty

There are some products that you can buy that can tone your stomach muscles without you having to do any exercises.  They work by stimulating the muscles and nerves using vibrations.  They can cost anything from £100 to £500, much cheaper than surgery, and claim varying degrees of weight loss.  After about four weeks you might be able to see some differences, although they may not be as radical as having a tummy tuck.  Obviously this form of machine will not help anyone with excess skin or muscle disease, but being a non-invasive and safe procedure might be a viable solution for anyone who doesn’t want to go through surgery. 

Creams as an alternative to Abdominoplasty

There are a number of toner creams that can work to reduce stretch marks or fat.  They work by increasing your fat burning capacity and breaking down cells.  They are quite expensive however, and their effectiveness is dubious in some cases.  Also the length of time they might take to work can be up to two months, making them long term option, with small results.

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