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After Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) Surgery

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It is very important that you get someone to help you after your tummy tuck surgery.  You will not be able to drive, and sitting up could be painful for some days.  The wound and area surrounding will be swollen, but you will be placed on pain medication and anti-inflammatories in order to control this.  You may need to wear a support garment for up to six weeks after your surgery, and will have to go back to the clinic in order to have post surgery checks to ensure you are making a good recovery.  A complete recovery from a tummy tuck can only be expected between three and six months after surgery.  This will allow for any scarring to fade as well as for your muscles to recover from the trauma that they have suffered.  It is only then that the fully effect of your surgery can be seen and appreciated. 

Time off work after a Tummy Tuck

This very much depends upon the individual.  Some people can return to work after two weeks, others can take up to a month before they feel ready to return.  It will take up to six weeks for you to be able to assume your previous lifestyle, before this only gentle exercise is recommended.  This also depends on the type of job you do, it would be worth talking to your surgeon about how long you ought to take off if you aren’t too sure. 

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