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Risks & Side Effects of a Tummy Tuck  (Abdominoplasty)

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What could go wrong & what are the side effects of a Tummy Tuck?

Tummy tucks, as with all cosmetic surgery, do hold a certain amount of risk.  These will all be discussed with you before the surgery, and as long as you are having the surgery with a professional and affiliated surgeon, these risks are small and problems with the surgery or afterwards are very rare.   

Bleeding & Blood Clots after a Tummy Tuck

Although you will have tubes fitted within the wound to drain any excess fluid or blood, sometimes they don’t collect it all.  In this situation you may develop a blood clot and need another operation to stop bleeding and remove the clot.  In the most serious of these instances the blood clot may break free and become stuck somewhere else within the body causing serious complications.  The sooner you start moving around after your surgery the less likely these are to occur. 

Infection after a Tummy Tuck

Post surgery you might develop an infection, although this is extremely rare.  If you even suspect that this might have happened to you then you need instant medical advice.  Infections require antibiotics as soon as possible in order to allow them to heal, and serious complications can arise if you don’t get it seen to quickly enough.

Scars after a Tummy Tuck

Your surgeon will do their best to position your scar where it won’t be noticed, in the instance of a tummy tuck this will be where your underwear lies.  Although scars are likely to be there forever, they will fade over time and this can be aided with proper moisturising.  Your surgeon will discuss this problem with you and tell you how you can best aid the scars appearance.

Skin or Fat Death after a Tummy Tuck

This is most common with smokers recovering from surgery, and sees the skin or fat around the affected area dying along the incision.  The larger the incision the more likely this will occur.  In extreme circumstances this might require you to have a second operation to remove the tissue. 

Numbed Sensation after a Tummy Tuck

Sometimes nerve damage can occur during surgery, often just underneath your tummy button.  Mostly this will dissipate within a few months but sometimes a small area will continue to be numb for life. 

Distortions after a Tummy Tuck

Sometimes there can be some shifting and distortion of the skin after surgery, for example your tummy button might shift to one side.  In this instances corrective surgery can be performed, liposuction or tissue excisions can also be used to rectify and even-out the skin. 

Although it is important that you are properly informed of all the possible side effects of tummy tuck surgery, they are quite rare and generally after the surgery there are no problems.  These risks will be discussed with you before your surgery so that you can make a properly informed decision about whether or not to continue by having the procedure.  It is important to ask about them when having your initial consultations with your surgeon, but it is likely that you mind will be put at ease. 

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