Scar Reduction Surgery Consultation & Pre-operative Care

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Before you have your scar reduction surgery, you will have to have a detailed consultation with your surgeon.  This is performed for a number of reasons:

  • So your surgeon can examine the scar and decide the best course of action to take
  • So you can meet your surgeon and ask any questions that you may have
  • To help make you feel more comfortable with the surgery
  • To inform you of all of the risks and pre/post operative steps that you need to take
  • So your surgeon can ask about your previous medical history, your lifestyle choices (i.e. smoking and exercise), and your expectations for the surgery
  • So that you can take a look at where you will be having the operation
  • So your surgeon can take any photo’s that they might wish to before the operation

Consultations are easy to make, either by email or phone, and are sometimes included in the cost of your surgery.  If you are having the procedure performed on the NHS then this will, of course, be free.

Pre-operative Care for Scar Reduction Surgery

When you have any form of surgery there are steps that you can take to ensure that you recover as well as possible, and to eliminate as many of the risks associated with surgery as possible.  Your surgeon will talk you through anything that they might like you to do before your surgery when you have your consultation. 

Stop smoking for scar reduction surgery Smoking can seriously inhibit your body’s ability to heal, and can lead to many complications or a longer recovery time.  It is best that you stop a good few weeks before having any form of surgery to ensure that you aren’t putting yourself in any increased risk.  Your surgeon and GP will be able to offer you guidance on this.

Ask for help after your scar reduction surgery After your surgery you might feel slightly unwell due to the anaesthetic used, and will not be able to drive yourself home.  It is a good idea to find someone to help you out for a few days after your operation and then you have no worries or stresses when you are trying to recover.

Eat healthily following your scar reduction surgery Your surgeon will offer you guidance on this, but ensuring that you are eating good fruit and vegetables will ensure a healthy supply of vitamins to your skin that can help to improve healing.

Vitamins and supplements following your scar reduction surgery There may be certain vitamins or supplements that your surgeon wish you to avoid or take before your scar reduction surgery.  When you have your consultation tell your surgeon about any that you take so that they are completely informed as to exactly what you are taking on a regular basis. 

If you have any concerns about preparing for your scar reduction surgery then it is best to talk to your surgeon.  They will be able to offer you all the advice that you need, and can guide you as to how best to prepare. 

The Scar Reduction Surgery Procedure

Each scar is different and your surgeon will have to assess it during your consultation in order to determine the best course of action to take.  What your surgeon does to your scar will depend on

  • The size of the scar
  • How it developed
  • The age of the scar
  • The positioning of the scar
  • The type of scar that it is

You will have to have a detailed consultation with your GP and plastic surgeon before you have your surgery so they can have a look at your scar and you can make an informed decision about what to do.  It is important that you keep your expectations of the surgery realistic, as no scar can be completely wiped out. 

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