Scars on My Stomach, What Should I Do?

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Scars on your stomach most often occur after a caesarean section or after some form of surgery.  Unfortunately surgery does leave lasting scars that can be quite large, however due to their position on your stomach they are often hidden from view.  Stomach scars might cause you concern when you are swimming, or in a situation where your stomach is on show.  Your sexual confidence could be affected by your worries about scarring. 

Treating stomach scars

Stomach scars are hardly ever exposed to the sunlight, therefore it is unlikely that your scar will be affected by the sunlight.  If you do wear swim-wear then it is very important to wear very strong sun cream and ensure that you re-apply it after you have been in the water.  Alike to any other scar you will have to try different remedies and treatments before you hit on a solution that you are happy with. 

If your scars are a result of surgery then there is a chance that you will be able to get NHS help if you do end up with extreme scarring.  Each scar is judged on an individual basis to determine whether you are eligible.  Your GP will be able to advise you on this. 

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