Scars on My Legs, What Should I Do?

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Scars on your legs may or may not cause you problems.  The legs generally are covered, depending on your style, and small scars on the legs are rarely noticeable.  Many people have them, from falling over as a child, or from a small accident shaving.  If you are concerned about any scars that appear on your legs, following an accident or after surgery, then the first step you should take is to ask the advice of your GP. 

Your scars will change over a two year period after the wound has fully closed.  This means that you are likely to find that they appear smaller or of less consequence after time has passed. 

Trying different approaches to reduce leg scars

Different products produce different results for individuals.  It is a good idea to start off with creams, and then consider further action if these aren’t producing a satisfactory results for you.  Vitamins, bio oil and gel pads may be worth trying first, your GP ought to be able to advise you on these.  If your scar is positioned over your knee or ankle then you might find that it prevents freedom of movement or pain.  If this is the case then your GP will be able to advise you, and refer you to a suitable surgeon. 

Covering up leg scars

Leg scars are very easy to cover up, especially for women.  Trousers, stockings, boots or tights can all hide a scar on the leg.  There are make-up products that you can use available as skin camouflage which need minimal re-applications and can make your scar totally invisible.  Some people even have tattoos drawn over their scar. 

Try not to worry too much about your scars.  It is likely that you are the only ones who think of them as unsightly or ugly.  Try to shift peoples attention away from them by using clever clothing or simply by being more confident. 

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