Scar Reduction Surgery After Care and Recovery

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After you have had your scar reduction surgery, your surgeon will give you aftercare advice and may indicate products that may help your skin to heal well.  It is very likely that the skin surrounding the scar will be sore, and the area of any skin grafts that you might have had will also need to heal after your surgery.  Some bruising and soreness is normal for up to two weeks after surgery. 

Post-Operative Care Following Scar Reduction Surgery

Generally you will be advised to:

  • Cleanse your skin thoroughly on a regular basis.
  • Use a good moisturiser to ensure that your skin is in it’s best possible condition for healing
  • Drinking lots of water to hydrate the skin.
  • Not moving any joint that is close to the wound too much, or limiting movement as much as possible.

Pain management following scar reduction surgery

You may find that the area around your scar is sore for a few days after the surgery has taken place.  Over the counter pain medication ought to be enough to make you more comfortable, such as paracetemol or ibuprofen.  Your surgeon will give you advice about this during your consultation.  For larger scar reduction you may be given pain medication by your surgeon following the procedure.


It is important to be wary of infection, and any serious pain or prolonged problems ought to be reported to your surgeon as soon as possible.  Infections are easy to treat in their early stages, you will be given a course of antibiotics, but they can quickly grow and spread, leading to large-scale health concerns.  Your scar is likely to be covered with a bandage that will need to stay in place for around a week, unless otherwise stated. 


If you find that your scar is swollen and it is this that is uncomfortable then you can use cold compresses to help ease this.

Stitches and their treatment

Stitches will need to stay in place for at least a week following your surgery, and throughout this time you will need to ensure that they are kept as dry as possible.  Your surgeon may allow you to clean the wound and remove the dressing that will be applied after your surgery, but it is best to ask them for exact details on this.  Once your stitches have been removed you may have to have another dressing applied.  After your wound is healed there may be creams or dressings that your surgeon will wish you to use to ensure that the area remains as natural looking as normal.  You will be notified of this before you have your surgery so that you are prepared. 

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