Z-plasty for Scars

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The most typical way for a scar to be reduced is for your surgeon to perform what is known as a ‘z-plasty’.  This is a simple procedure where, basically, the scar is cut, then re-shaped into a z form, allowing it to blend into your skin better as this shape will fit more in line with your natural features and not stretch over any part of your body.  You will still have a scar after this procedure, but it is likely to be less noticeable than the previous scar.  Z-plasty is usually performed when your scar is positioned in an area that doesn’t have tight skin, so that the skin can be re-stretched over the new incision.  Smaller and thinner scars are more often treated using a Z-plasty, whereas larger ones or scars located close to a joint might need a skin graft in order to ensure that there is enough skin for the wound to properly heal.  A Z-plasty will have been meticulously planned

During a Z-plasty you will have a local anaesthetic and are very unlikely to feel any pain.  Throughout the procedure you are likely to feel your surgeon as the sides of the wound are closed.  The changes that can be made to a scar using z-plasty are quite staggering.  The scar can almost be completely rotated and even shortened in length through the use of Z-plasty.  If you are unsure about what a Z-plasty will eventually look like, your surgeon is likely to have before and after photos over operations that they have already performed.  These will give you a good idea as to how your scar can be improved and what the end result might look like.

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