Subscision for Scars

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Subcision is a simple technique that can work wonders on indented scars.  You will be given a local anaesthetic before the procedure, and it ought to be performed by a surgeon.  A very small needle is inserted into the scar and the scars’ link to the underlying tissues is broken.  This free's the scar from any attachment at a lower level, and allows the skin to realign itself with that which surrounds it. Subscision has been used for a long time, and is an effective way to smooth out a scar. 

Risks with subcision

There are few large risks involved with subscision.  You are likely to have some bruises and soreness after your treatment, although this ought to dissipate within a week.  You may find that some lumps appear, these are perfectly normal although might require injections to break them up if they don’t break down naturally.  You will be given a local anaesthetic, and some people might find that they have a bad reaction to this. 

When subcision is used

Subcision is often used in conjunction with fat injections and laser resurfacing.  Using a combination can help you to optimise the effect. Atrophic scars are most often treated using subcision, as are scars that appear to disfigure the skin or appearance of body parts.  These are the ones that are likely to benefit from this form of treatment. 

Cost of subcision

The cost of your subcision treatment will depend on how many scars you intend to have treated, and how bad your scarring is.  Some scars may be attached at quite a deep level, this is likely to need more intensive and careful treatment. It is best to ask to ask for a quote as to how much this will cost while you have a consultation.  They will then be able to thoroughly advise you as to price and the workings of the procedure. 

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