How to Reduce the Appearance of Scars

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More and more people are turning to surgery to remove their scars as the surgery proves increasingly effective.  Not all scars can be treated using scar reduction surgery, and you ought not to believe that any surgery can completely remove your scar.  Once you have a scar it can be there for life, all you can do it try to reduce its visual impact as much as possible and prevent any restrictions a scar may place on your movement.

Before having scar reduction surgery

Before you have any form of surgery it is imperative that you are in good general health, and that you have had a consultation with your GP to ensure your eligibility.  There are certain conditions that may mean you can’t have surgery at that particular time, such as heart problems or any other major medical issue.  There are also skin conditions which will prevent your having the scar reduction surgery.  For example, acne that is ongoing cannot be treated surgically.  You ought to wait for it to dissipate instead, and then treat the skin once it has healed.    This is the same for any scar, your surgeon will not be able to make any changes to your skins healing until the natural course of the scar production has reached a conclusion.  Usually this is around two years after the initial problem, although everyone heals in different times so it may be slightly shorter, or longer, for you. 

Surgery for Keloid scars

Keloid scars ought to be removed or cut away very carefully as they tend to grow back larger than before.  If you have a keloid scar your practitioner will be able to advise you as to other treatments that may help to flatten and ease the scarring, but you will not be able to have any reduction surgery for your keloid scar.

Where you can have Scar Reduction Surgery

If you are having scar reduction surgery on the NHS then you will be assigned a surgeon and your surgery is likely to take place in your local hospital.  There may be a wait for this as beds are hard to come by and many people want to have scar reduction surgery. 

If you are not eligible for scar reduction surgery on the NHS, or if you do not wish to wait, there are plenty of private clinics offering scar reduction surgery within the UK. Which one you go to is entirely your choice, and you would be wise to do your homework.  Ensure that your surgeon would be properly trained with good experience, and that the equipment within the clinic is sufficient.  Other steps that you can take are:

  • Asking to see some previous clients before and after photos
  • Talking to someone who has already had surgery there with the surgeon
  • Visiting the clinic beforehand to ensure you are happy with the quality of care given
  • Asking about follow up consultations and aftercare support
  • Asking your GP about the clinic.

All surgeons would rather that you are happy and confident about having surgery, and don’t mind you asking questions regarding their experience and qualifications.  Don’t feel that you are being picky, surgery is a serious step to take, and ought not be approached if uninformed.

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