Chemical Peels for Scar Reduction

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Alike to microdermabrasion, chemical peels can be used to expose new skin, and remove irregularities in the top layer by removing skin through the use of chemicals.  They are available in many spas or beauty centres throughout the UK and are a fraction of the cost of surgery.  You can choose how severe you wish your chemical peel to be, the more drastic the more expensive.  Your surgeon or dermatologist will be able to talk to you about this and offer sound advice.  

After effects

After you have a chemical peel your skin is likely to be sore and red for anything up to two weeks.  High sun protection needs to be taken in order to ensure no discolouration occurs and if you have some skin conditions, alike to microdermabrasion, it might be that you are unable to undergo a chemical peel.  Before you have a chemical peel you will need to have a consultation with your practitioner.  They will be able to tell you if the chemical peel will be able to help you, or whether a different treatment might serve you better. 

The results

Chemical peels can help small scars, potted or raised, but will do little to help with larger scarring or extreme discolouration.  Keloid scars cannot be treated using chemical peels, they have been seen to worsen after the treatment.  If you wish to even up your skin tone, and reduce your scars visibility then a chemical peel could help. 

Cost of Chemical peesl for scar reduction

Small scale chemical peels cost around £60 per session, and you are likely to require a course of treatments for best results.  More intensive chemical peels can cost up to £2000.  The cost of your chemical peel depends on which you choose, where you have it performed and how many you have.  There are often discounts if you sign up for a full course at the same time. 

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