Scar Reduction Gel Pads

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For Keloid scars and hypertrophic scars, adhesive gel pads can help to reduce the appearance of the scar.  The pads can help to decrease the amount of height a scar may have, and can also help to lighten the colour.  These gel sheets contain silicon and are only applied to skin that has already healed rather than to wounds or any skin conditions.  They stimulate the skin cells, so that they grow faster and healthily.  Your GP will be able to talk you through their use, and they are available on prescription in some cases.  It has been noted that gel pads tend to work best when the scar isn’t too old, although shouldn’t be used until the wound has healed properly and the scar has started to form.  It might take a while for you to see a real improvement, maybe up to a year, but given time they will help to smooth out your scar, and lighten its colour.  This will help to make it less visible. 

Risks with scar reduction gel pad

It is rare but some people may have an allergy to the silicone dressing, which could manifest as a rash or skin irritation.  If this occurs then you ought to stop using the pads, if it persists then you ought to seek medical attention.  Sometimes people find that the sticking qualities of the gel pads leave a lot to be desired.  You can ensure that they stay in place by using a bandage over the top. 

Cost and availability

The price of gel pads varies, not just on materials but also where you buy them.  Gel pads for scar reduction are available from all good pharmacies, online or high street, as well as being prescribed sometimes by GPs.  Normally they will cost between £20 and £30 for a pair, and you may need to use them for up to a year to see the best results. 

The results

It is more likely that you will see good results if you have smaller scars, although some differences will be seen with large scars.  No scar can be completely removed, although they can be made less obvious.  Gel pads can help you to achieve this up to a point.

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