Cost of Scar Reduction Surgery

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Depending on the reason for your scar reduction surgery, it is possible that you will be able to get the surgery on the NHS.  If you have a scar after some form of necessary surgery, or if you have been involved in an accident then you are good candidates for NHS treatment.  However, if the scar you wish to have treated is the result of a cosmetic procedure, or if your scar isn’t particularly noticeable in the first place, it is probable that you will be refused NHS treatment.  Your GP will have to make the preliminary assessments, and if they think your case is appropriate they will sign you on to a plastic surgeon. 

Private cost of scar reduction surgery

Privately scar surgery can cost anything up to £10,000.  The cost of your surgery will depend on a number of things such as the severity of the scar, its size, its position, the type of scar it is and which type of surgery you have.  Even the surgeon you use and the location of your clinic will make a difference to your scar reduction surgery.  

Alternatives to Scar Reduction Surgery

Surgery is a rather extreme and expensive option for your scar removal.  There are other techniques that people turn to for help with scar reduction, and some offer good results for less cost.  It is a good idea to ask the advice of your GP before you undergo any skin treatments to check your eligibility.  It is also possible that your GP might be able to help you or prescribe you gel pads or creams that may help. 

It is very possible for you to combine treatments for scar reduction methods.  For example some people will use creams alongside gel pads or after a chemical peel.  Your dermatologist, GP or surgeon will be able to advise you as to the best way to treat your scar and how to combine treatments so that they can help you as much as possible. 

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