Scarring after Mole Removal

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Mole removal is a very common surgery, but one which will always result in a small scar being left behind. Mole removal can be performed by either cutting or burning the mole off the skin.  This inevitably causes some form of scarring, and if this occurs on the face then it can cause some distress.   Scarring from mole removal is usually minimal, although sometimes the scar may be noticeable, or could be a pitted, atrophic scar. 

Mole removal & scar reduction

Scar reduction following mole removal is the same as other forms of scar reduction.  Generally microdermabrasion or laser resurfacing will be tried first, as a way of correcting any lumps or bumps and improving the overall skin tone. 

After your mole removal surgery

After your mole removal surgery it is important to follow your surgeons’ advice and take step to reduce scarring.  It can help for you to:

  • Use a good, high factor sunscreen
  • Leave any scab that forms alone until the skin has healed
  • Clean the wound as directed to prevent infection

Scarring after mole removal surgery is generally minimal, and the scars that form generally cause little bother to the patient.  If you are worried about any scarring that has occurred or want more information about how to reduce your scars then your surgeon will be able to provide this.

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