Scars on My Back, What Should I Do?

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If you have scars on your back it might be difficult for you to determine exactly how bad they are.  It is possible that you may be exaggerating how large they are, looking in a mirror might not be helpful due to the way you may need to stretch to view yourself.  It would be a good idea to get a friend to take a photo of them so that you can judge the scar for yourself.  Scars on your back are similar to those on your stomach.  They are only likely to be visible if you are wearing swim-wear or if you are naked. 

Treating scars on your back

Like any scar it is important that you try the least invasive treatments first, before attempting any invasive treatments such as surgery.  Creams and skin treatments would be a good starting point, leading eventually to the possibility of laser resurfacing or scar reduction surgery.   If a scar on your back is causing you mobility problems then it is likely that you will need to have some form of treatment on them eventually.  This is likely to be performed free of charge on the NHS, although each scar is judged individually and there is a chance that they may not deem yours bad enough to warrant the treatment. 

With any scar, if you don’t mind them being there then there is no reason for you to worry about them.  Scars that cause you pain or make movement difficult are more likely to be treated quickly, and you are more likely to be advised to have surgery or laser treatment for these scars. 

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