Scars from Spots, Chicken Pox & Acne

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Bad spots, acne and chicken pox can all produce small scars on your body.  Generally these will take the form of small atrophic scars, although sometimes larger ones can develop.  Scars that develop through these means can be very distressing, and if you suffer from more than one it is possible that you may wish to have them treated. 

Treating scars from spots

The most widely used treatments for spot, acne or chicken pox scars are non-surgical.  There are many routes that you can go down, and it is completely up to you which treatment you decide to undertake. 

Chemical peels and Dermabrasion

These facial treatments can be used to remove the top layer of your skin, allowing the pitted skin to rejoin the upper layers.  These are very popular procedures, and have been shown to have a good result with scars from spots.  Chemical peels and dermabrasion/microdermabrasion can be performed at many health or beauty spas across the country, and are relatively cheap in contrast to any surgical means that you may investigate.  It would be a good course of action to follow if you have many small scars on your face, allowing your skin tone to even out. 

Punch Excision

This is a more extreme way of treating pitted scars often found as a result of spots.  This basically removes the scar and either re-closes it allowing it to heal better, or replaces the removed skin through a skin graft.  This is more likely to be advised if you have a particularly keep scar, or only one or few scars.


This is a small surgical procedure whereby the skin of the scar is freed from the underlying tissues using a very small needle.  This allows the skin to return to its normal height, and helps to even out your skin. 

Spot Scar Evaluation 

It is very important that before you have any form of treatment on your spot scars that you have your scar looked at and evaluated.  There may be complications with your scar, although this is rare, and a certain treatment might not be advisable for your individual scar.  Acne scars cannot be treated until the acne has been completely cleared up.  Treatments are likely to only worsen your condition, leading to more spots and potentially more scars. 

Spot/Acne scar results

Generally the treatments provided for atrophic scars from spots are very good, and produce a very good result.  It is important that you keep your expectations realistic, as no scar can ever be completely removed, however the appearance of these small scars can be reduced and your skin tone greatly improved. 

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