Scar Reduction Injections

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Sometimes injections can be used to stimulate the skin around a scar and help to make it look better.  These injections usually contain steroids or hydrocortisone, which can also help to loosen the tight skin.  This is especially useful for scars that are near to a joint, allowing greater improvement in mobility.  Injections are often used to prevent any hypertrophic or keloid scarring from getting worse.  This sometimes works, but not in all cases. 

Fat injection treatment

Fat can be taken from one place on your body, and injected under sunken scars, allowing them to regain normal skin level and helping to even out your skin.  This is a relatively simple procedure, and can produce very good effects especially for acne or chicken pox scars.  You will need a local anaesthetic before this treatment, and for a while your scar area might feel a bit sore.  The fat is usually extracted from your upper thigh through liposuction, it is also likely that this area will be sore after your treatment. 

Fat injection results

The results can be very effective, allowing the scar to be plumped up, and reach the same level as the rest of your skin.  Unfortunately fat injections are not permanent, and some people need them to be re-done within months of treatment.  Usually they last around 6 months, although some people might find that they need them sooner than this. 

Collagen injections

These produce a similar effect to the fat injection, helping to plump up the skin within a scar.  Alike to fat injections, they need to be repeated, although repetition of collagen injections does carry a risk of the scars’ pitting getting worse.  Some people are also allergic to collagen, which could result in pain and flaring up of the skin. 

Steroid injections

These are generally used while the wound is healing, the injections taking place around a month apart.  You will need more than one injection to see the best results.  Steroid injections do improve most scars, and can be used in the treatment of hypertrophic and keloid scars to a good effect.  They are injected straight into the scar, and only a very small amount of steroids leaves that area, hence the low risk of a reaction to the steroid.  These injections are used as part of a course, usually you will have to have them in monthly intervals.  Steroid injections will vary in price depending on how many you need and the size of your scar.  Generally a course of injections will cost around £200 or up. 

When injections are most likely to be used for scar prevention

Injections are likely to be used after you have surgery or for more serious wounds to prevent them from forming into a large scar.  Keloid scars are often injected to help to prevent them from growing any larger.  This sometimes helps but is not guaranteed to aid the unstable keloid scar. 

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