Scars After Shaving

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Sometimes you might develop scars following a small cut made through shaving.  For women this is most likely to occur on the legs, for men facial cuts can result in scarring on the face.  This could cause distress in either case.

What can be done about shaving scars

Generally the scars produced through shaving cuts are small, and given time will fade away.  They may never completely disappear, however they are likely to become so small that you won’t notice them anymore.  It is important that you give the scar enough time to heal before seeking any further treatments.  Scars can take up to two years to completely settle down.

Reducing shaving scars

It is important to use a sharp razor when you shave, this decreases the chances of you slipping and potentially cutting yourself. Alike to other cuts, it is important to leave the wound alone as it heals and to keep it clean to prevent infection. 

Shaving scars are the same as any other scar that could have occurred due to an incision of the skin.  You may develop keloid or hypertrophic scarring through this, in which case reducing their appearance may be more difficult, and you may wish to consider scar reduction surgery.  Laser treatments are another option that may help with these scars. 

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