Flap Surgery for Scar Reduction

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Another similar technique to skin grafting for scars, is that of ‘flap’ transfer.  Healthy skin and the underlying structures are removed in a large chunk, and then placed into the problem area.  The veins are often attached to the blood supply in a new area using very intricate and precise stitching.  This is similar to skin grafting as you have a donor site which will also need to be treated to ensure that it heals well and is likely to have a scar after your surgery. 

If you have flap or skin graft surgery for your scar then you are a lot more likely to have your surgery within a hospital under a general anaesthetic.  This could add risks to your procedure, with the complications of being under an anaesthetic.  Due to the increased severity of the surgery you are also likely to have to stay in the hospital for the night after your surgery to ensure that you are recovering properly.  Sometimes grafts don’t take, and they fail to grow blood vessels to attach them to their new location.  If this occurs then you will need further surgery to ensure that blood can reach all areas of the skin.  This is also the same for flap surgery. 

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