Scars on your Body

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All of your skin is open to scarring.  Not a single part of it is immune to the small line after a wound has healed.  There are areas that are more likely to scar badly if they have been injured, these include the:

  • Knees
  • Elbows
  • Shoulders

These are more likely to scar because they are the most used and mobile areas of your body, and it is difficult to keep them completely still while your wound heals.  Due to the constant movement imposed on these areas your skin will take longer to heal, and there is a greater chance of you having scars.  If you have a wound around a joint it is advisable to do all that you can to keep the joint still, and allow the wound to heal.  

Areas most often treated for scar reduction

Most people are concerned about visible scars, especially those that are on the face, neck, legs and arms.  The face is most people’s main concern, and it is facial scars that most people try to have treated to some degree.  It is more likely that you will be able to get some form of treatment for facial scars, and for scars that are affecting your movement, than otherwise, and often the NHS will help or completely pay for your treatment.

Body areas most susceptible to Keloid scarring

It has been noted that keloid scars are more common at the tops of your arms, your neck and your chest.  Although there is no known reason for this, these are the areas most susceptible to keloid scarring. 

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