Scar Reduction Creams

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There are so many creams and lotions that you can buy, all advertised to help reduce the appearance of scars.  It is true that some creams can help, although realistically you ought not to expect any radical changes to your scars overnight. Scar reduction creams are designed to make your skin grow quickly, to then produce more skin cells and aid healing.  How well they work varies.  Creams range from very expensive to incredibly cheap, with a whole host of in-betweens.  It is only advisable to buy a scar reduction cream from a registered pharmacy or to ask your doctor for advice or a prescription.  Websites may promise amazing results, but are rarely supported by medical professionals. 

Vitamin Creams to Aid Scar Reduction

Research has supported the idea that vitamins A, C and E are helpful when trying to reduce the appearance of your scars, in a cream or as a supplement to your regular diet.  It is a common recommendation from a doctor, and could ease the tightness of the scar as well as making steps to reduce your scars appearance.  Often people turn to vitamin supplements for such results.    Creams are usually used on a daily basis, and are massaged into the scar and surrounding area.  Using them regularly over a long period of time will ensure the best outcome and give them a chance to create change. 

Vitamin A for Scar reduction

Due to the effect that vitamin A has on sunburn, and how it soothes the skin when you have certain skin conditions, some people turn to vitamin A in order to help them reduce the appearance of their scars.  This is recommended by many GP’s and pharmacists as an aid to helping your scar to develop well.  Vitamin A can help to relieve the tightness of the scarring, but the effect on the overall scar might not be particularly noticeable in a visual sense. 

Bio Oil for Scar Reduction

Bio Oil is a very popular scar treatment, often turned to when people wish to reduce the appearance of their scars and help to soften them. Bio Oil is completely natural, and uses herbs such as camomile, rosemary and lavender, as the source to help your skin heal alongside vitamins a and e.  The oil claims to create a layer over the skin that helps to lock in the oils properties. 

How to use Bio Oil

Bio Oil is recommended for daily or twice daily use, depending on your scar type.  You ought not to expect immediate results. Although many people really do find that Bio Oil helps them to reduce their scars appearance, it might not be so beneficial for your scar.  All scars are completely individual, what works for a friend might not be your miracle cure.  The oil ought to be applied directly to the scar and gently rubbed in.  This way the helpful nutrients can start their work immediately.  Bio oil is not suitable for either inhalation or consumption. 

Bio Oil has been reputed to produce very good results, and over a  prolonged period of time it can help your scars to be a lot more supple, and get even help to even out their colouring or make them appear slightly smaller.  As long as you are realistic about the results that bio oil might produce it is very likely that you will see some form of improvement of your scar.  Keloid scars are unlikely to react to any oil or cream remedy applied to the skin.  Your pharmacist and GP are likely to be able to give you advice about using bio oil and whether it is likely to be effective for you. 

How Effective are Scar Creams

Your GP will be able to give you advice regarding scar reduction creams, and which ingredients to best look out for.  It is also worth remembering that not everyone will respond to the same cream or treatment in the same way, therefore what might have worked wonders for a friend, may only produce minimal results for your scars.  If you don’t mind trying a few creams first then you may eventually find one that helps you. 

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