Scars on My Arms, What Should I Do?

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Arm scars can be quite a nuisance.  You can’t wear long sleeves all of the time, throughout the year, and bracelets won’t always cover them up, (and might not be appropriate in certain situations).  It is very important to remember to use sun cream on scars that are likely to be exposed to the elements, such as scars on the arms.  Not doing so could result in the scars looking worse or not forming so well.  Try not to panic initially.  Scars do tend to calm down over time, and blend in better with your natural skin tone.

Covering up arm scars

Alike to covering leg scars, clothing can help, as can jewellery.  These can hide your scars completely from others, helping to make you feel more confident.  Make-up could also be used if you cannot cover the scar by other means, and skin camouflage can prove highly effective in such situations.  Alike to leg scars, some people have tattoos drawn over the scar to cover them up, this can only be done after the scar has been present for at least a year. 

Treating arm scars

If your scars fail to show a satisfactory improvement over the two year healing period then you may wish to start considering treatments for your arm scars.  Creams and oils are the first things to try, and it is worth consulting your GP or a dermatologist to get some advice about the best ones to use.  If your arm scars are very severe then laser treatment or surgery might eventually be the option that you choose to take.  It is a good idea to try other things first, however, as surgery can be very invasive and potentially risky.  If the scar on your arm is causing you pain or is restricting your mobility then it is likely that surgery or laser treatment will be advised for you.

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