Scars from Breast Implants

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Any form of surgery will leave a scar, although when you have cosmetic surgery such as breast implants, it is likely that you will have your scars positioned so that they are less visible and will heal in such a way as not to draw attention to them.

Breast implant scars are usually positioned around the nipple, and under the breast.  The nipple is removed and replaced throughout the surgery, and the implant is generally inserted from underneath.  Surgery can vary, and your scars might be positioned slightly differently. 

Before your breast implant surgery

Before your undergo your breast implant surgery it is important that you have an in-depth consultation with your surgeon, and that you discuss the exact location and severity of your scarring.  They will be able to give you a good idea as to what to expect following your surgery, as well as this they are also likely to be able to show you before and after photos of previous patients and the extent of their scarring.  During this consultation it is important that you inform your surgeon of any hypertrophic or keloid scarring that you have experienced before.  Although these forms of scars cannot be avoided, your surgeon is best informed of the risks. 

After your breast implant surgery

If you have breast implant surgery you have to expect the scars, and accept that they will be permanent. Your surgeon will give you information on what to expect following your breast implant surgery.  Scarring will occur, but ought to improve over time.

At first your scars are likely to appear red, slightly swollen and very visible.  This may cause you alarm, however over the next few months they are likely to lighten in colour and flatten as the amount of blood going to the wound lessens.  Your surgeon is likely to give you pressure garments to wear, to help your recovery and to also reduce the size of your scars.  It is important that you leave any scabs that occur alone, that you leave your dressing on as advised and that you try to keep the area dry for as long as is necessary. 

Treating scars produced through breast implant surgery

Treating your breast surgery scars is like treating any other.  You will have to wait around two years for your scars to completely stabalise, it is unlikely that anyone will give you treatment before this time.  If your scars are large, or causing you problems, then it is likely that you will either be offered laser reduction or surgery to reduce your scars.  These can prove very effective against pale or hypertrophic scars, but may not be effective against keloid scarring.  You will need to get your scar properly assessed before any treatment takes place. 

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