Risks with Scar Reduction Surgery

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All surgery carries risks, the extent of which depends on the type of surgery that you are having.  Scar reduction surgery is generally seen as a safe technique, with few problems that can occur and a high success rate.  Risks of the surgery include:

Risk of allergic reaction during scar reduction surgery

Alike to most other forms of surgery you will have to have an anaesthetic which also means that there is a risk of allergy or a bad reaction to this, or to any medications that you might be given throughout the operation. Allergies range in severity, and can in very rare instances result in death.


Any surgery that involves opening of the skin has some risk of infection.  This is generally avoided through the use of high levels of hygiene within the surgery, as well as thorough aftercare by you.  Your surgeon, if respectable and properly qualified, will do all that they can to ensure that you do not pick up an infection, and will provide you with advice as to how best avoid infection once you leave the hospital or clinic.  Infections can be very problematic, and can lead to severe health problems developing.  They may also make your scar appear worse as the wound fails to heal properly.  

Excessive bleeding

There is a small risk that your incision will continue to bleed for a longer period than it ought to.  This is a rare occurrence, and is usually quenched quickly by your surgeon.  Loss of blood might make you feel weak for a while after your surgery, but this is a rare reaction.

Scar discolouration or enlargement after scar reduction surgery

Using a skilled and experienced surgeon ought to eliminate this risk, however sometimes the surgery does backfire and can make your scar appear worse than it already was, due to infection or misplacement.  This may need additional surgery to correct. 

Nerve damage

You may find that the area around the scar feels different, be it numb or hyper-sensitive or painful after the surgery.  This could be due to nerves being damaged throughout the procedure, but generally it dissipates within a few weeks.  Some people, however, have complained about a continued loss of sensation after having corrective scar surgery. 

Reducing risks associated with scar reduction surgery

By using a reputable and qualified plastic surgeon you seriously reduce the risk of any problems occurring through having scar reduction surgery.  It is also important that you follow any post-operation advice that you are given, and that you are completely honest with your surgeon about your health and about the nature of the scar that you are having treated.  Some scars cannot be treated by using surgery, such as keloid scars, and having surgery can actually make them appear worse.

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