Punch Excision For Scars

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For smaller scars, such as those that occur after acne or chicken pox, a very small-scale form of surgery can be used by your plastic surgeon to lessen the scars appearance and raise the skin to its normal level.  The pit is singled out and the skin removed, and the sides closed using stitches or just surgical strips.  This allows the skin to have a regularity to its surface, eliminating the deeper pockets of skin and replacing them with only small marks on the surface.  Punch excision is usually used for acne or chicken pox scars, and you only need a local anaesthetic throughout the procedure.  It is a very popular method of scar reduction, and has a very good success rate.  For larger pocked scars, punch excision can be used in conjunction with a skin graft, so the area removed is replaced with new skin.  This can yield very satisfying results. 

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