Beverly Hill Formula Toothpaste

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You can probably guess the key purpose that Beverly Hills Formula Toothpaste has striven to achieve…tooth whitening to get that all important “Hollywood smile”. This brand have done their research though, and have noticed that many other toothpastes directed at whitening teeth contained quite a high amount of abrasives. Therefore, they came up with a combination of ingredients that offers tooth whitening with a low abrasion, anti-stain, anti-bacterial, polishing toothpaste. It almost sounds too good to be true! There are 3 options to choose from with Beverly Hills Formula:

  • Total Enamel Sensitive – This toothpaste requires you to leave the paste on your teeth for 1 minute (avoid swallowing) before you commence with the brushing. This minute long wait is the key whitening stage of the process. This toothpaste also performs as you would expect from a toothpaste – low abrasion, prevents plaque/acid attack, cleans your mouth.
  • Total Breath – Once again, this toothpaste require another minute wait to perform at its optimum (however this time, the paste must cover both the teeth and the tongue). This minute apparently allows for fresher breath and more stain removal.
  • Gum and Enamel Care Sensitive – This toothpaste claims to maintain all the protective benefits of the rest of their range whilst adding protection against tooth sensitivity.

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