Curasept Toothpaste

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Curasept is designed primarily for those who suffer from oral sensitivities of the skin, gums and/or teeth. In order to do this, Curacept have eliminated Sodium Lauryl Sulphate from their products so that it does not aggravate the problem further. The toothpastes also function in cavity protection and whitening. It is recommended that the toothpaste is used regularly over a long period of time to gain the best results. There are three varieties available at present:

  • Curasept ADS 350 – The strongest toothpaste of the range that is recommended for use by those who have very fragile dental problems. It has been formulated to be soothing and suitable for use before and after other oral treatments for their condition. It is the Chlorhexidine Gluconate that gives the ADS 350 its strength.
  • Curasept ADS 712 – This is apparently useful if you have sensitive teeth, gums or skin. It is recommended for use in conjunction with a Curacept mouthwash to maintain the optimum results.
  • Curasept ADS 705 – This toothpaste has a gel consistency that prevents abrasion and irritation. It claims to be very effective against cavities and is promoted as a good product to use on discoloured teeth.

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