Sensodyne Toothpaste

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Sensodyne are a very well known brand when it comes to toothpaste for sensitive teeth. They have a range of five toothpastes that contain ingredients to help tackle the causes of sensitive teeth so you can maintain a normal lifestyle and eat and drink what you choose without worrying about any consequential pain. The range currently consists of:

  • Sensodyne Original – This toothpaste is recommended for use between 2-4 times everyday. It contains the active ingredient, strontium chloride, which technically makes this toothpaste a medicine.
  • Sensodyne Repar and Protect – This toothpaste claims to be able to repair the areas of the enamel that have caused dentine to be exposed leading to sensitivity. It does this using novamin technology that claims to find sensitive areas and aid their repair.
  • Sensodyne Rapid Relief – For this toothpaste to be effective, it is only required to be used as often as you would use your standard toothpaste (twice a day, morning and night). It claims to form a physical seal to prevent sensitivity in just 60 seconds.
  • Sensodyne Total Care Gel – This is the only toothpaste in the range that does not contain sodium lauryl sulphate. Apart from this difference, this toothpaste is used for total care for sensitive teeth providing a protected, clean mouth.
  • Sensodyne Multi Action with Iso-Active Technology – Like Aquafresh, Sensodyne have also incorporated ‘Iso-Active Technology’ into a toothpaste. The toothpaste becomes a microfine foam when used to throroughly clean your mouth.

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