Supersmile Toothpaste

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Supersmile products have been developed by Dr. Irwin Smigel in an attempt to supply consumers with a toothpaste that effectively whitens teeth and keeps them healthy and strong. The only toothpaste they offer is Professional Whitening Toothpaste, however, it is available in several different flavours – Mint, Mandarin Mint, Ice Mint, Green Apple and Cinnamon.

This toothpaste contains fluoride to prevent cavities. It also uses a formula called Calprox to remove surface stains of teeth, veneers, dentures and bonding. This toothpaste also claims to maintain fresh breath for a long period of time using Sodium Bicarbonate.

Supersmile claims that the toothpaste works by dissolving the thin protein layer on the surface of the enamel to white the bacteria and stains stick to. This protein removal apparently leaves teeth cleaner for longer. They are also one of the brands to exclude the use of abrasive silica in their toothpaste to avoid causing dental sensitivity.

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