Desert Essence Toothpaste

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Desert Essence is another brand providing the public with more natural toothpastes that are free of artificial additives such as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, preservatives and sweeteners. They have two types of toothpaste available and both are rated highly in consumer reviews:

  • Natural Tea Tree Oil toothpaste – This fluoride-free toothpaste is available in three flavours – mint, ginger and fennel. It has very low abrasivity and contains baking soda to aid its cleaning power. To keep mouth clean and protected against bacteria and plaques, one ingredient is natural Tea Tree Oil as an antiseptic.
  • Natural Tea Tree Oil & Neem toothpaste – Alternatively you may want to try their product that contains neem from an Indian tree. It is an extract renowned for its dental benefits. Aside from the addition of neem, this toothpaste maintains the same properties as the Natural Tea Tree Oil toothpaste and is also fluoride-free.

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