Janina Toothpaste

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Janina prides itself on producing toothpastes that are made of safe, natural ingredients that not only remove stains from teeth, but it is also claimed that the toothpaste can whiten them. This whitening is apparently non-abrasive and is due to enzymes from the Bromaine Complex. It is recommended for use in pace of your normal toothpaste, twice each day.

There are three toothpastes Janina currently manufacture to whiten teeth while performing other self-explanatory functions:

  • Sensitive Whitening Toothpaste
  • Ultrawhite Extra Strength Whitening Toothpaste – this contains a higher amount of the whitening enzymes. It is also suitable for use against bad breath and sensitive teeth.
  • Opale Liquid Toothpaste Spray – This is a toothpaste designed to be carried around for use through the day, and not as a replacement for brushing your teeth. The spray causes you to produce more saliva, which naturally cleans your mouth and prevents tartar build up.

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