Curaprox Toothpaste

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Curaprox supplies the public with toothpastes specialising in plaque removal and other dental problems. To purchase Curaprox in the UK, you must buy it online, as it is not a broadly available product at the moment. They currently have two types of toothpaste on offer:

  • Curaprox ADS705 toothpaste – This fluoride-containing toothpaste is antibacterial (as it contains Chlorhexidane) to prevent plaque and the subsequent tooth and gum disease. This product also has an anti-discolouration component to whiten teeth.
  • Curaprox Enzycal Remineralising toothpaste – This toothpaste contains three enzymes that claim to help strength teeth and gums whilst providing antibacterial protection. It does not include Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (a common ingredient in toothpaste that aids foaming) as there is controversy that it may cause mouth ulcers and irritation. This toothpaste is very suitable for those with sensitive teeth and those often susceptible to mouth ulcers.

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