Mentadent Toothpaste

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Mentadent is not the most well known toothpaste brand unless you know much about toothpaste dispensers. They have designed their dispenser to keep the baking soda and peroxide ingredients separate until they are on your toothbrush. The idea is that they will then react together to release oxygen bubbles to help whiten, freshen and generally clean your mouth.

There are 4 varieties of Mentadent toothpaste currently available:

  • Mentadent Replenishing White – In this toothpaste, the two ingredients kept apart are calcium and phosphate. When these combine in your mouth they produce calcium phosphate (which is one of the many constituents of enamel). This, apparently, congregates in gaps on the teeth where stains gather, making teeth whiter.
  • Mentadent Advanced Whitening
  • Mentadent Advanced Care
  • Mentadent Advanced Cleaning with Breath Freshening

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